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June 15, 2009


Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika

Vice President

Joyce Banda (Mrs)

Agriculture and Food Security

Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika

Agriculture and Food Security (Deputy)

Magret Roka-Mauwa(Ms.)


Mr. Ken Kandodo

Finance (Deputy)

Mr. Fraser Nkhoma Nihora

Foreign Affairs

Dr. Eta Elizabeth Banda

Foreign Affairs (Deputy)

Augustine Mtendere


Dr George Chaponda

Higher education, Science and Technology (Deputy)

Otilia Moyo-Jere (Ms)

Primary Education (Deputy)

Victor Sajeni

Development Planning and Cooperation

Abi Marambika Shawa

Development Planning and Cooperation (Deputy)

Daniel Siwimbi

Transport and Works

Khumbo Kachali

Transport and Works (Deputy)

Lazaro Kasaila


Dr. Peter Mutharika


Ritchie Bizwick Muyewa

Irrigation (Deputy)

Gringer Musolira Banda

Local Government

Goodall Gondwe

Local Government (Deputy)

MacJones Mandala Shawa

Industry and Trade

Eunice Kazembe (Ms)

Industry and Trade (Deputy)

Steven Stanford Kamwendo

Lands and Housing and Urban development

Dr. Peter Mwanza

Lands and Housing (Deputy)

Tarsiziu Tony Gowelo

Gender, Children and Community Development

Patricia Kaliati (Ms)

Gender, Children and Community Development (Deputy)

Catherine Gotani Hara (Ms)

Tourism, Wildife

Anna Kachikho (Ms)

Tourism (Deputy)

Shadreck Jonasi


Yunus Mussa

Labour (Deputy)

John Bande

Youth and Sports

Dr Lucius Kanyumba

Youth (Deputy)

Billy Kaunda


Prof. Moses Chirambo

Health (Deputy)

Teresa Gloria Mwale (Ms)

Home Affairs

Aaron Sangala

Home Affairs (Deputy)

Annie Lemani (Ms)

National Defence

Sidik Mia

Information and Civil Education

Lenford Mwanza

Information and Civil Education (Deputy)

Kingsley Namakwa

Natural Resources and Energy

Grey Malunga

Natural Resources and Energy (Deputy)

Ephraim Chiume

Disabilities and Aged

Bessie Reen Kachere (Ms)

Disabilities and Aged (Deputy)

Felton Mulli

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama speech in Cairo 4 June 2009 :


By Nawal El Saadawi


Obama is different as a person from G W Bush . Obama looks more human , but politics and economic interests have nothing to do with humanity .

We live in one world ruled by the capitalist patriarchal religious system . Power dominates our whole world ( not justice or freedom or peace or ethics or human values ) . Politics under such a system is a game based on how to use beautiful words to cover ugly actions , how to use the power of God to dominate your listeners , how to select verses from holy books to hide double standards and contradictions , how to kill people and rob their land and resources and then apologize to them with tears in your eyes . We call them in our Egyptian - Arabic language : “ Crocodile Tears “

In Cairo ( on Thursday June 4 , 2009 ) Barak Obama spoke to 2500 Egyptian men and women invited by the Egyptian and US governments and allowed to enter the big hall at Cairo University surrounded by 13000 Egyptian and American police men .

We are 80 millions in Egypt , so those 2500 men and women who applauded passionately 30 times during Obama`s 50 minutes speech are not the whole of Egypt . They are only : The Chosen People .

They applauded strongly when he said that Muslim women should wear the veil if they choose to wear it . As if veiling ( or nakedness ) is something to be chosen ! As lf oppression is something to be chosen by the oppressed .

Like saying girls or boys should be circumcised if they choose to be circumcised ( because they do not want to be different from others ) , or like saying the poor people should be poor if they choose to be poor ( because of their laziness or ignorance ) ,

I read during the Gaza Massacre that the Palestinians choose to be killed ( or they kill their children ) so that they appear as victims and gain sympathy of the world .

I was looking at the TV screen , observing how Obama talks with his hands , eyes and lips . His lips and hands look less cruel than GW `s . His color more attractive , not black not white not yellow , a mixture of human blood and multiple races developed into a more sophisticated human being .

Obama is a creative actor on stage , learned his text by heart to sound as if there is no text at all . He is well trained in being spontaneous .

Egyptians , Americans or others , especially those chosen by governments , are not creative enough to understand this type of creativity : how some political leaders acquire what is called Charisma . The Germans passionately applauded Hitler , the Russians loved Stalin , the Americans elected GW more than once . Sadat in Egypt won all elections by not less than 95 % of votes .

The most dangerous political leaders are the most charismatic , they make you sing : Kill Me Softly . You sacrifice your blood for them .

One of the chosen Egyptian men screamed in the hall while Obama was giving his speech : I LOVE YOU ! Obama replied : Thank you .

Obama praised the king of Saudi Arabia in his speech , portraying him as a hero of the dialogue between religions ! The theocratic kingdom breeding extremism is democratic ?

A dictator ally of US can be transformed to a democratic hero . Sadam Hussein and Ben Laden were freedom fighters at one time .

Obama praised Netanyahu saying he is intelligent . He did not describe any Arab ruler as intelligent , including Mubarak sitting next to him .

He did not mention the name of Mubarak in his whole speech . Did he want to distance himself as a person from himself as the American President ?

Did he want to expose or hide his double personality ? . But he is sophisticated and understand s what is called in psychology “ The philosophy of the present moment “How to leave yourself to the moment but not leave the moment to itself .

Obama`s body language looks natural , he jumps the plane stairs with his hands near his chest jumping with his body , like a happy school boy going to meet his girl friend . This is not the American President but Barak Hussein Obama .

I heard his speech through the TV and read it 2 more times to grasp or detect some improvement in the US policy . General human beautiful words selected from the 3 holy books . He sounded like the Pope giving his speech in Jordan some months ago , praising the 3 religions .

He used very well his middle name “ Hussein “ to speak to Muslims but he knows also when to hide it as a deformed organ .

Muslims listening to him applauded passionately when he read verses from the Kuran . They did not notice his mistake in understanding Surat Al Israa . It did not say that the 3 prophets Moses , Christ and Mohammad prayed together Lilat Al Israa . Egyptian Copts applauded when he spoke about minority rights in Egypt . Israel applauded when he confirmed that US A and Israel are tied eternally by culture ( not mutual interests ) and when tears appeared in his voice when he spoke about the Holocaust , 6 millions jews burned in Germany , their eternal sufferings , their right to have a homeland .

He did not say that this homeland should have been in Germany , the country that burned them or in Europe or in the USA or in some other place where there is no people to be killed and robbed of their homes and land by military force . He did not ask Israel to stop its military violence against the Palestinian children . He only asked the Palestinians to stop their violence against Israeli children . He did not mention the number of Palestinians killed and tortured by Israel in the last 60 years till today .

He did not ask Israel to respect previous UN resolutions , he just asked Israel to stop building new settlements . What about old settlements that expelled thousands of Palestinians of their homes ? What about settlements to be build under the so called “ Natural Growth “ ?

He asked Palestinians to forget the past and look forward . Some days ago in his country he asked people to forget the crimes of torture , to forget the past and look forward .

But what is the function of the Law ? if it is not used to investigate and punish criminals who killed or tortured ?

Obama shifted smoothly from ethics to politics and interests as if no contradiction .

He said the USA has no interest in Iraq resources ? He ignored or forgot the Law of Oil forced on Iraqi government ( which submits the oil of Iraq to the monopoly of American companies for 30 years )

He mentioned the danger of Iran owning nuclear power , he did not mention the danger of the nuclear military power of Israel .

The real goal of Obama speech was to mobilize the Muslim countries against Islamic extremists , to open the markets of Islamic countries to American goods under the so called development and partnership , to guarantee Saudi and Gulf oil and other American interests in the so called Middle East .

Egyptian people suffered because of the Obama ` s visit to Cairo . Thousands of students did not go to their schools or universities and delayed their exams . Those sc hools and universities were closed by the government for security reasons during the Obama visit . Mrs Obama stayed in US A and did not accompany her husband to Egypt to be with their 2 daughters during school exams .

Many streets in Cairo were closed by the police and many people could not go to work losing $ 20 million .

The Egyptian government spent $ 500 millions for the security of Obama . 10 000

Police men and hundreds of police cars . Egyptian people were ordered to stay at home and not to open their windows in all areas visited by Obama , including the Pyramid region , Giza , Ain Shams , Helwan , Cairo University , some ministries , Al Kalaa , Sultan Mosque , Kasr Al Kobbaa , and all streets leading to these areas and more .

The normal life in Cairo stopped . Streets were empty , people were prisoners in their homes , no body was allowed to be near Cairo University while Obama was delivering his speech except 13 American men and women were allowed to make a show of demonstration at the university gate , shouting some slogans asking Obama to visit Gaza ,

Those 13 Americans were allowed by the police to demonstrate . They are the opposition or the dissidents in democratic Egypt , while the real Egyptian dissidents are in prison or outside Egypt .

But politics is a game to be played by all parties .

Only 30 minutes after Obama`s plane took off the poor Egyptian workers were in the streets removing the artificial flowers and trees implanted everywhere to welcome the semi god of the world .

Nawal El Saadawi

5 June 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

From: Yanar Mohammed
Subject: Thank you Hillary...for submitting to our patriarchs
To: "OWFI gmail" <>
Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 3:58 PM

Thank you Hillary

for submitting to our patriarchs

In a visit to Egypt which was meant to be a landmark in US-Arab relations, Hillary Clinton chose to have her head covered with a veil, thus forwarding a clear message to more than a hundred million Arab women: "if an American Secretary of State can wear it, it should be okay for you too."

Women of the Arab world and the Middle East suffered and struggled from patriarchal Islamist oppression which escalated in the last two decades. One simple example of the oppression is the excluding of females from all decision making positions as they are thought of as "emotional" and "irrational". Therefore, a woman cannot be a judge in court; neither can she be a full witness, as two women's testimony will be equal to one man. Other examples of the oppression travel around the world dressed in full black, with no openings, even for breathing.

In a total control of governmental and non-governmental mass media, Islamist ideologists brainwashed generations into the idea that females are deficient human beings with an evil urge to disgrace and dishonour. Therefore, they should be restricted into a narrow zone lest they bring shame and filth upon the innocent unsuspecting patriarchs at home. The same ideologists who hold the binding veil in one hand, hold another unreserved banner in the other hand which assures the males' biological need for more than one sexual partner and tries to polish legalized polygamy with baloney testimonies of "'…being fair among wives when it is too difficult".

None of these misogynist ideologists mention the human catastrophe which befalls the female and children population in an Islamist city. In the religious city of Najaf , south of Baghdad 20% of the adult female population are abandoned wives with no income. They are second, third and fourth wives of men who had taken off for other women. Their husbands do not care to divorce them or to spend on their wives and their children. In the "holy" city of Najaf , masses of destitute women and children roam in the streets and may manage to live off the charity of religious institutions which had justified their abandonment and poverty in the first place.

The Islamist ideologists do not feel compelled to justify the tragedy of tens of thousands of women and children of a polygamist culture. They continue to pump a woman serves man ideology to the young generations to perpetuate the males' misogynist practices and the females' submission to misogyny as part of faithfulness and godliness.

There was a time of progressive leftist change in the Arab and Middle Eastern societies. It coincided with a world-wide movement for liberation from colonialism. Our mothers' generation benefited from that age as they reached to the university seats and became doctors and engineers.

Still, it took many years of political and feminist struggle to get rid of the veil and the control of patriarchs who imposed the veil on them. As you may know Hillary, these women were not born with the veil. It always takes a misogynist patriarch to tie it around your head and neck. But these women gracefully succeeded and got rid of the veil, the symbol of their oppression. From thereon came the female Ministers, judges, scientists, doctors, and engineers.

Hillary …

We are proud of our bodies and do not need to cover them to please your allies, the Islamist patriarchs. We also know that our fight for women's rights needs to parallel with a fight to end the US occupation in Iraq , as we have only witnessed deterioration in our lives and social status since day one of the occupation. Thanks to you and others like you, the Islamist patriarchs are ruling as government and militias in Iraq now. We know that women of Iraq cannot dream of a day of freedom as long as the US troops are in here.

If you need to flirt with your Islamist patriarch allies, go ahead. But never dare speak in the name of women and women's rights. Stick with the patriarchs in the boy's club as it serves you better.

Yanar Mohammed

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq , president June 6, 2009