Monday, September 14, 2009

TEMBO SHOULD GO? Not so fast - Call for an MCP Convention Please!

I am wondering why those calling for Tembo to step down, do not call for a convention where the membership can have its say. We are the bosses of politicians. What makes Chafukura and his comrades think they are speaking for MCP members. As for me, it is plain and simple, Tembo must go but so must Chafukira and a good bunch of those speaking, if they do not know what channels to follow when solving party problems. If his going is going to be premised on someone's words, them what are the party structures for? I thought people lead parties based on the mandate they get from the membership. The way Chafukira is speaking, the timing and tone - makes me think at best, wagulidwa at the least, he is just a selfish politician who wants to carve a political career out of the just ended elections. These guys say they are a legion, why can’t that legion speak at the convention, in a democratic and open process where the party analyses what happened at the elections and maps a way forward? What they are doing can even end up garnering support for Tembo who ends up looking like a victim (which he is not) and that can buy him political millage and currency. Izi sizobvuta anyamata, instead of speaking for the membersip, bwelani nonse ku Convention, anthu akakuuzani yemwe akufuna. Mukufuna muwasankhile ngati ndi ana bwanji? Muchi Shona mulimwambi wabwino umakamba zimene Chafukura and company are doing - Dzako itsitsi dzeyi kupukuta madzihwa mwana wehure. This saying is advice given to wives that when they see their husband wiping the west nose of a ‘prostitute’, it is not out of out of kindness, it is often it is because that child is his. What we are seeing here is a group of people in MCP try to carve mipando yonona by pointing at the ineffectivity of Tembo. If you ask me, all of you have a lot of stepping down and out to do. How I wish our politicians stopped infantilizing and insulting our intelligence. Respect membership voices please. Musamawatengele kokawayesa. They are the ones who live the results of your political squabbles.

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  1. Jessie,

    You are indeed right that Baba Tembo should be stripped of the presidential mantle through a legitimate democratic process like party convention. But do you know that party conventions are held to rubber stamp decisions agreed elsewhere? Are you new in Jerusalem Jessie? Let Chafukira camp make noise but convention will fail them.