Saturday, September 12, 2009

Way to Go NyaHarawa - Lose the Loser

About time Wendy. You do not need people like the Fenduze nightmare in your life. I refuse to call such a person a man. He is an excuse of the male species. NyaHarawa, you are a musician in your own right, do not be brought down by wanna be's like Petersen. Glad you have found the strength to say No! to abuse and dehumanisation. This is not your fault, many of us women go through this crap, no one can live him for you, you have do it and you have done it. Good for you. That is good role modeling and female self determination. There is more fish in the sea if you are still looking. I am living proof of that. there are men who do not need to oppress women in order to feel powerful, they are not insecure like Petersen. Continue to move on and do not look back. Zabwino zilimtsogolo.

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